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iSIGHT Editorial March 2016

Data, data, data. It’s transforming how we work, live and relate with one another.   Our children, our customers, and now our appliances are creating data online with the expectation that we know what they need and can respond accordingly – all...
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(A)analytics 101: Sampling Makes Science

Abstract Just like vetting business rules and the data sources that make up a business report, you must also question the sampling used in an advanced analytics project. You should know three terms: Random Sampling – the case where you know the population...
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Prediction – Data Science Skill

Prediction Management roles in data science will remain in demand for years to come, but their leading contribution will shift from being a stop-gap in the data analytics pipeline (as seen today) to leadership for developing and managing resources across...
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Marketing Led Data Science

Abstract Companies new to data analytics often give too much leeway to their data scientists. Ultimately, it is management’s responsibility to translate data science activity into meaningful business results. This marketing case presents how a marketing...
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The Art of Analytics

Science has revealed numerous facts about attraction and love. Certain neurotransmitters called monoamines, for instance, play a heavy role in attraction. And we now know that smell could be as important as looks when we fancy someone. Yet, is this what...
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