Digifi AWS Quick Start Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to quickly access your Digifi Analyst Cloud instance using a web browser. This offers a quick start for trying out the platform. To encrypt your connection and ensure a higher level of access security, please read our Digifi AWS Enhanced Security Guide.



chmod 400 [/path/private-key.pem]
ssh –i [/path/private-key.pem] ec2-user@[elastic ip]

Configure PuTTY using our Digifi AWS PuTTY Setup Guide.


Set Your Password

Your Analyst Cloud has two users:

  • ec2-user:
    the default admin user; you will always SSH with this user
  • bighat:
    the analytic user; you will always do your analysis with this user

The first thing you want to do after connecting for your first time is to set a password for your `bighat` user. Do this with the following command:

sudo passwd bighat

Type a password when prompted, then run a test by typing.

su bighat

Enter your `bighat` password. You should now be logged in as `bighat`. To return to `ec2-user`, type:


You are now ready to do some analysis!



The easiest way to get started with analysis is to use RStudio running on Digifi.

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter the following address: http://[public dns]:8787/
  3. Sign in using your `bighat` username and password

You will see a `digifi` folder in the lower right of your screen. Within it is an `examples` folder with annotated examples for you to get started with.

  1. Click on an example
  2. Open the `Source` drop-down menu in the top middle of the screen
  3. Select `Source with Echo`

Congratulations! You just ran your first analysis on Digifi. Look through the other examples to familiarize yourself with the environment. Learn more at http://digifinet.com/resources/