Digifi is an analytics consultancy that helps businesses move from traditional reporting into forecasting, predictive modeling, and optimization. We are best known for helping B2B marketing and sales organizations hit financial objectives through innovation, shared risk taking, and award winning, quality results.

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Our Engagement Model

Show me the money

You simply cannot afford the risk of a failed analytics project. Accordingly, Digifi engages in three phases to guarantee success: Pilot, Build, and Manage. Each stage helps build the business case for the next stage. There is an exit point at each stage to minimize risk. And our unique managed services platform provides peace of mind at minimal cost while you grow your internal capability.

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Our Platform

Deeper analysis, better results

Digifi owns a proprietary cloud-based platform that meets Fortune 50 security and compliance standards. Built for self-serve data management around a centralized data repository, we spend 35% less time managing data and 85% more time doing analysis on your projects. This means a faster time to insight, more dialogue with your business, and flat out better results.

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Our Support

Peace of mind as you grow

Digifi’s platform is scalable meaning we can publish your project to a platform that you exclusively own and operate. This lets you or your analysts take ownership of the work, but if you need our oversight, you can grant us access to the platform and we are there to help. Think of it as an insurance policy: you have a bona fide data scientist available whenever you need one.


Digifi helps make you and your business analytic ready. Our engagement model, unique platform, and commitment to success let you predict and optimize for making quicker, more informed decisions that deliver results. Our customers benefit from new opportunities, increased profitability and enhanced customer service.

Use Cases

Digifi is for business leaders who understand the value of their data and the potential of advanced analytics but lack the technical capabilities to get started. Digifi clients, on average, exceed 400% ROI on their forecasting, predictive and optimization projects.

BI & Reporting

Situation: A customer database has been built to help drive customer centric reporting.  Sales is asking who our best customer is.  Marketing is asking what is the right sequence of marketing tactics.  The reporting team is new to SQL and R.
Technologies: SQL, MS Dynamics, Eloqua
Data: Lead & Customer Objects
Opportunity Object
Account Object
Campaign Object
Solution: Digifi Targeting identifies the “sweet spot” for marketing and sales opportunities to quantify savings and new revenue potential.
Results: Marketing improves profitability; sales prospecting increases new business. Combined ROI is 750%.


Situation: Marketing is under pressure to qualify more sales leads with the same budget and head count as last year. Sales is accusing marketing of spamming their contacts. Marketing operations is currently more art than science.
Technologies: Salesforce.com, Marketo
Data: 3 years of campaign data
Over 200,000 leads
Over 30,000 contacts
Over 5,000 opportunities
Solution: Digifi 4D Optimization balances contact frequency and type (email, phone, meeting) across the marketing and sales funnel.
Results: Leads and contacts get the appropriate type of contact at the right time resulting in 478% ROI.

Sales Operations

Situation: Sales has been using a CRM for over 3 years. They were told they would see a massive ROI, but they haven’t seen anything yet. Somehow, sales operations is expected to show this value using base CRM reporting and ad hoc Excel analysis.
Technologies: Salesforce.com, Qlik
Data: Account firmagraphics
Five stage sales process
Revenue values
Won/loss outcomes
Solution: Digifi Predictive Pipeline is a suite of models – velocity, propensity, revenue – that combine into a single pipeline view.
Results: Sales leaders begin to manage pipeline on schedule and within 2% of goal. Median ROI is 250%.


We connect skilled data scientists with your data and business problem. Working together, we provide insight, direction, and meaningful business results.

  • Evan and his team showed me who was likely to buy. This was a game changer for how I managed my product going forward.

  • Evan is an excellent presenter. Everyone in the room clearly understood the model, his methods, and the results.

  • My boss asked for an analysis that Evan and his team helped with. I am pleased to say we received high praise for our work together.

  • Great work! We are extremely pleased with the results of our first predictive model.