Digifi AWS PuTTY Setup

  1. Log into Amazon Web Services
  2. Navigate to EC2 > Instances
  3. Select your Digifi instance and click `Connect`
  4. Copy your Elastic IP


  1. Download PuTTY here
  2. Run putty.exe
  3. Type `ec2-user@[your elastic IP]` as the Host Name
  4. Type `Digifi Analyst Cloud` as the Saved Sessions


  1. Open item `SSH`
  2. Click on `Auth`
  3. Browse for your ec2-user private key ending in `.ppk` (If you do not have key ending in `.ppk`, follow these steps before proceeding.)


  1. Click on `Tunnels`
  2. Type `8787` as the Source Port
  3. Type `localhost:8787` as the Destination
  4. Click `Add`


  1. Scroll up and click on `Session`
  2. Click on `Save`


  1. Click `Open`
  2. Enter `ec2-user` at the prompt
  3. Enter your passphrase if prompted


  1. Success! You’re logged in!

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