iSIGHT Editorial March 2016

Data, data, data.

It’s transforming how we work, live and relate with one another.   Our children, our customers, and now our appliances are creating data online with the expectation that we know what they need and can respond accordingly – all from the data they share with us.  What an amazing challenge!

And like any challenge, it is tempting to look at the adversity rather than the goal – to focus on the wind and waves rather than the lighthouse ahead. Indeed, the hype surrounding data analytics would have us focus on the quantity of data and the unique skills needed to unlock its corresponding value rather than on the vision for how this data benefits our children, customers or machines.

So we need to think clearly about the new role data analytics and science has in our modern lives and where we should set our bearing as parents, business leaders and property owners.

In this issue, I propose we consider analytics as an art, led by the vision a business has for its customer. To this end, I present a case study on how a marketing leader effectively led data science to drive significant transformation. I also acknowledge the demand for data science skills in the marketplace, the growing trend, and predict what this means for recruiting and development. And lastly, as part of our Advanced Analtyics 101 series, I provide an introduction into sampling and explain why sampling design is your responsibility as a business leader.

It is my hope that through a practical, high-level approach to advanced analytics, you will acquire the knowledge and resources you need to set your sight beyond the hype, firmly fixed on the people and practices that actually matter in business and life.


Evan Stanelle